Notes, a new series on journeys and observations. Told in short form because we’re on the go. Told from the heart because that’s me and that’s you, too.

In Motion from May to June 2017: Notes

I’m sure there’s a part of the brain that uniquely illuminates during philosophical discussions. Philosophy is exciting. A chance to learn, a chance to debate, a chance to play devil’s advocate and try to make sense of our whole world. Usually the conversation is taken down long avenues, with a laugh, heated argument or perhaps a warm, emotional bond at the end of the discussion. Often it’s the anticipation of the surprise outcome that engages.

Philosophy, with all its derivatives and potential, branches us out. And when introduced to a conversation, so many may have a few words to share. Those formally educated in philosophy, their counterparts, business associates, journalists, government employees and even actors may express interest. I’ve been in formal and informal philosophical realms myself from time to time. There’s a lot of interest in theory and borderless boundaries.

But even religious, cultural and social philosophy series are limited.

The thing about philosophical conversations is that they do not and cannot account for an individual’s faith. Sure, we want to believe we weigh others’ perspectives and account for their life situations as we engage in these conversations. We truly trust in our open minds and hearts. We believe that in philosophy, we search for higher purpose….and that includes what we do not know.

But philosophy cannot fully account for an individual’s personal faith and beliefs.

That’s okay. Because the good hearted, well intentioned philosophy aficionados will consider this and ponder.

Now an attempt to capture and hold on to some undeclared theory, essentially hoping that all individual faiths can be sheltered under this undeclared theory, would go against the very open mind we strive for.

So consider and ponder. And accept.

Alas, philosophical understanding – even of the highest degree – cannot consider all individuals’ faiths.

In absolute harmony is the individual. A complimentary other half makes a harmonious connection whole, right? So the individual must consider their own beliefs. When the great philosophical umbrella seeks to shelter, the individual heart must seek its truest of faith. When philosophers struggle in seeking to care and understand in full, perhaps accidently over-reaching, an individual of faith must tap his or her own heart.

In our hearts as humans, if we tap deepest, we cannot help the basics of love, forgiveness, acceptance and desire to seek strongest of bond with one another. And we must hold true to our deepest of faiths in everything.

And if a philosopher and the individual were engaged in a game of faith? Well, philosophy cannot account for every individuals’ belief in a higher power. But the individual of faith may be surprised to learn, and must accept, that their loving friend has unknowingly challenged them. And why not seek to be understood while in pursuit of that deepest journey? The greatest aspect of an individual’s belief can be in full light: one’s higher power of faith is not limited by anything. Not limited by umbrellas, clouds, timing, debates…not even wounded hearts.

Now I am not a preacher, and I love religious freedom and all the faiths within in people. It is not for one to demand one true belief against all others. Religious freedom shines in it’s ability to find common ground, which of course is a beautiful thing. And all religions share the commonality that the higher power is not undermined by anything.

Philosophy, even in its truest form, is limited. A higher power is not.

And if a philosopher and the individual were enjoying a stadium game in plain language? Well, the philosopher can’t explain, understand nor encompass all of a person’s truest feelings: in life, love, emotion, God. And the individual must know that his or her faith rises above any philosophy or unintentional challenge. Have fun and enjoy some popcorn or nachos as everyone involved in the conversation remembers: it’s all good.

It’s all good. It’s all good because in true faith, no human tradition entwined with a religion can outmaneuver a higher power. It’s all good because individual and collective beliefs are always tested from time to time.

And it’s all good because a higher power will not be limited by anything, anytime, anywhere.

So in this note, I’ve concluded that it’s best if we each compliment that connection. Our halves, to make a whole. And it’s best to do so by keeping in touch with our faith, with those individual beliefs, and by keeping faith in eachother.

Our hearts can remain true to one another, just as they are intended to do, even when undergoing a little healing.

Unconditional is unconditional.



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